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This long-awaited planning approval has finally arrived!

We’re happy to announce we are moving forward with the next stage of a new facility for Sri Guru Ravidass Sabha.

We were appointed this project in 2016 with the aim of designing a much-needed space for social and recreational activities in the area.

The new building will house classrooms, a gym and a day centre. As well as a sizeable function hall/wedding venue that can be used by the whole Bedford community. Alongside this, the extension provides a second prayer hall for members of the Sri Guru Ravidass Bhawan.

What makes the project unique is the use of the latest Sustainable technologies, such as Solar Panels, Heat Source Pumps and Triple-Glazed windows throughout the development. The chief benefit for this implementation is to generate self sustaining power and reduce CO2 emissions. As this is located in the Bedfordshire Conservation Area, an agreement had to be maintained with Bedford Borough Council. This was successfully applied along with the Grade Two listed build located at the rear of the Sri Guru Ravi Dass Sabha Temple complex.
The process required the knowledge and expertise of a team of professionals from all levels of the development process. Part of Mato Design’s involve is to manage and incorporate these professions for the purpose of successfully implementing the Planning Approval Process with Bedford Borough Council.

We hope to share more information later down the line, but as this was a long awaited victory for Mato Design, we will keep you informed of it’s development. But, at this stage the Sri Guru Ravi Dass Sabha Temple complex is in the perfect position for a successful build.

About Sri Guru Ravi Dass Sabha:

Sri Guru Ravidass Sabha and Community Centre is a multicultural Centre and aims to meet the social and cultural needs of the diverse local communities of Bedfordshire, improving quality of life of the user of the centre, and encouraging tolerance, understanding and harmony without discrimination of race, colour, caste, creed, religion, gender, ability or sexual orientation.

About Mato Design:

We combine knowledge, experience and expertise in both architecture and town planning to bring a complete building design service
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