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M ax and Corinne from Mato Design Associates attended the opening night of the Foundry at The Merton Centre, Bedford Town Centre.

This new contemporary commercial office space available to rent was designed by Mato Design Associates in 2018.

The brief was to create an open plan contemporary office space for 20 + occupants with various different zones to include meeting room, kitchen/snack bar area, relaxation zone, storage space/area.  Furniture to include a variation of desk styles, bar and bar stool seating, a comfortable sofa and coffee table.  The interior features were to include a potential living wall, aesthetics to reference vintage/industrial style with a contemporary feel.

Mato Design produced a number of concept moodboards and an *OSB board material finish left was chosen and left unfinished which  as well as adding an interesting texture provides the industrial aesthetic, the lighting scheme adds to this and the quirky accessories make this environment a clean, practical, functional, fun place to work in.

Oriented strand board is a type of engineered wood and is formed by adding adhesives and then compressing layers of wood strands (flakes) in specific orientations. It has a rough and variegated surface with the indivisual strips of around 2.5cm x 15cm lying unevenly across each other.  Normally used as a building material for its water resistance and strength, it is also a cheaper manufactured timber alternative to plywood.

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